Harrison, T.M. & Barthel B. (2009). Wielding new media in Web 2.0: exploring the history of engagement with the collaborative construction of media products. New Media & Society 11(1&2).
The article talks about Web2.0, user generated content and more varied range of collaborative creative activities.

Hjarvard, S. (2008). The mediatization of society. Nordicom Review 29(2).
The article talks about the concept of mediatization as a phenomenon in our society.

Lüders, M. (2008). Conceptualising personal media. New media and society, 10(5), 683-702.
The article talks about the distinction between mass media and emerging personal media.

Kaptelinin, V. & Nardi, B. (2006). Acting with Technology: Activity theory and interaction design. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

– Chapter 1: Introduction
– Chapter 2: Do We Need Theory in Interaction Design?
– Chapter 3: Activity Theory in a Nutshell
– Chapter 4: Interaction Design Informed by Activity Theory (page 73-83)
– Chapter 5: A Design Application of Activity Theory: The UMEA System
– Chapter 6: Objectively speaking (page 137-143)
– Chatper 9: Postcognitivist theories in interaction design

Rückriem, G.(2003) Tool or Medium? The Meaning of Information and Telecommunication Technology to Human Practice

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