We publish “tasks” here on the course weblog on a regular basis to support our collaborative effort here and to ensure a steady flow of (inter-)action. It is the participants’ responsibility to check the information flow on this Weblog on a daily basis. We recommend the use of a Webfeed reader (either online… or desktop based) for monitoring the Course Weblog. If you don’t know how to do this … get in contact with the facilitators… or ask your peers.

Tasks are always published with a clear deadline (Sunday)
Typical tasks can be done in 1-3 work days.
Tasks carry 10 points.
If a task is fulfilled in an “adequate” form before the deadline then you receive all 10 points.
Every 24 hours passed the deadline 2 points are deducted.
Five days passed the deadline you are down to 0 points.
If you hand in your task “solution” early (at least 24 hours before the assigned deadline) you can receive preliminary feedback from the facilitators… and re-submit (if necessary) again (before the deadline) without consequences.

The overall number of tasks remains currently “open” (around 10 tasks is expected), but a steady flow of tasks is wanted… and to be expected.

General quality criteria for task solutions remain “undefined” (on purpose) but the facilitators keep the right to reject solutions on the basis of obvious quality issues.
Rejected task solutions remain attached to the original task deadline.

The “pass” criteria for the course is 70% of all points one can receive until the end of the course ( for example, if 10 tasks = 100 points then 70 points = pass).

It should be clear that the passing criteria (and point system) is supposed to define (and guide for) a “minimal” engagement level.

Meeting the deadlines of accomplishing a task is your responsibility. If you choose to miss a task deadline and hand in your solution later… that is just fine. No hard feelings or allegations from our side. But you have to take responsibility for your decision! We simply don’t want to hear any excuses… or discuss your personal reasons for missed deadlines. Period.

If you have very good reasons why you cannot meet an assigned deadline, it is your responsibility to contact the facilitators immediately (and at least 24 h before the deadline). If you fail to do so… we will simply apply the logic for dealing with missed deadlines that I have described above.

So, … I hope this is transparent outline of how we are going to handle the (necessary) assessment aspect.

Should you have any questions regarding this general assessment scheme, feel free to leave a comment here or get in contact with Terje or Sebastian.

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