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A small note

I have two points to make for this week.

First, Sebastian has managed to catch cold, thus, he is not going to be very active in the next coming days. I noticed that you have put quite many messages on the discussion board. Although the main facilitator is not going to be around, this discussion can continue regardless ;).

My second point…

This week we are going to focus only on our group work. No individual task will be posted for this week. For the remaining course we have only 2 individual tasks left. One for the next week (5.11-11.11) and the other one for the last week of the course (19.11-25.11).

Enjoy your group work!

If you have problems, questions regarding your group work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Last week I sent out e-mails regarding your current situation with the points. If I have missed someone, please contact me.


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  1. October 30, 2012 at 12:21

    Hello! Terje. This project was very interesting when proposed, and seemed an impressive effort. Now I am a bit turned off. 30 points is much when one has no possiblity to influence the outcome. I feel confused, and see that no technology competence or tool can supply for human features such as responsibility, communications skills, efficiency, understanding of complex systems, etc. No matter how much I try to participate and interact I perceive no cohesion or progress on my team of otherwise very kind and fun people. If no exchange is complete (questions for the most part remain unanswered, comments are ignored, input left aside, structure is missing, etc), how we are
    supposed to finish a chapter?

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