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Task 11: Interaction Design informed by Activity Theory

Hello everyone,

though I feel inclined to continue with the more critical and future oriented discussion of Activity Theory that last week’s reading proposed, I think we should try to connect back to what one can do with Activity Theory in the context of Interaction Design.

So, this week I want us to return to Kaptelinin & Nardi (2006) and go through the following parts:

4 Interaction Design Informed by Activity Theory – page 73-83 (10 pages)

These pages provide “a brief history of the introduction of activity theory to interaction design and then discuss the ways in which it has helped reframe key concepts including transparency, affordance, and direct manipulation” (Kaptelinin & Nardi, 2006, p.73). What follows in this chapter is a more detailed presentation of studies in a variety of areas (collaborative learning, developmental work, etc.). If you have the time… I recommend reading the whole chapter. However, let’s keep the compulsory part to page 73-83 only.

5 A Design Application of Activity Theory: The UMEA System – page 117-134 (17 pages)

This short chapter provides a sort of case study in which the authors outline how Activity Theory has informed their design work.

Minimal contribution to this week’s discussion is set again at 2 (meaningful) posts on the board. Feel free to put out your own discussion topics. Try to respond to your peers … and properly quote from the text to illustrate your arguments, critique, and so forth.

The deadline for Task 11 is: Sunday, October 28th, 24:00 (Estonian time).

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