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Task 10: Tool or medium?

Hello everyone,

in a recent post I had already outlined that we will try to continue with some “more reading, reflection and discussion in parallel” to the international group work that has just kicked off.

I understand that you guys need to dedicate some time to get all up and running for this collaborative group task, thus I thought we would keep the reading part at a rather modest level this week.

I have selected a paper from Georg Rückriem a retired professor from Berlin who is still rather active in the realm of cultural-historical activity theory. In recent years Georg Rückriem has published a few contributions that raise important questions regarding the ability of different versions of Activity Theory to respond to the unfolding digital transformation of society and of human activity (work, play, study…).

I think based on the reading we have done so far it is worthwhile to take a look at some of Georg Rückriem’s concerns.

The rather short paper (around 10 pages) Tool or Medium? The Meaning of Information and Telecommunication Technology to Human Practice (pdf) discusses the legacy of the “tool” concept in Activity Theory and its applicability in the context of “digital information and telecommunication technologies”.

Since it is already Tuesday… I would like to set the minimal engagement at only 2 related (meaningful) contributions on the discussion board. Either you reply to one of the discussion topics I put out, or you publish your own discussion topic… if you feel like you want to moderate some topic yourself.

The deadline for Task 10 is: Sunday, October 21th, 24:00 (Estonian time).

See you on the board… 😉


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