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Let’s get started with international group work

As you can see on our course Wikiversity page next week we are scheduled to start our international group work. This is going to be as a pilot study for CoCreat project, which emphasises creativity and supporting creativity in a learning process with mobile technology. We are going to form 7 groups with students from University of Oulu, Tallinn University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The course environment is going to be a wiki and I have sent e-mails to you for organising accounts for you. In case you didn’t receive an e-mail from me today, please contact me.

This wiki will be used by all the groups and the outcome of this group work will be a handbook consisting of book chapters (every group is responsible for one chapter), which describe a solution to a problem/scenario the groups have chosen from the 7 options our partners have designed. You can see the problem/scenario descriptions of 7 chapters already on that wiki page (click on Handbook) and some participants from Finland have already chosen the chapter they want to work on. There will be tutors either from Finland, Estonia and Norway for every group.

We have currently 23 participants from Estonia, which means that there will be 3 students from Estonia in every group. You can freely choose a chapter(group) you prefer to work on. The chapters have a pedagogical focus, which doesn’t mean that you should be able to contribute with deep pedagogical knowledge. Norwegians and Estonians are expected to support the group work more from the collaboration technology, interaction (for supporting your actual international group work, but also the possible problem solution) point of view (due to the specifics of their courses).

The group work will last for 5 weeks (15.10 – 18.11) and ends with a videoconference on Thursday 15th of November with group presentations (for the presentations you are expected to use Prezi).

So, in order to get started with the process please…
1. …log in to the wiki as soon as you get your username and password from the Finnish partners
2. …choose a chapter/group you would like to work on and write your name under the introduction of this chapter
3. …try to participate on Monday 15th of October in a videomeeting. The exact time for the meeting is provided under the introduction of every chapter. I know most of you have also a full time job, thus, in case it is impossible for you to participate we’ll try to forward you all the important information. Our Finnish partners are going to provide meeting rooms in AdobeConnect (every group is going to have a separate virtual meeting room) for carrying out the videomeetings (it is a very intuitive tool to operate, nothing to worry about). The purpose of this meeting is to get an overview of what is going to happen and how; get to know other group members and make plans for further activities.

Every week the tutors are also going to provide feedback to the progress of your chapters. Week 44 (29.10 – 4.11) is planned for peer-review. We’ll come back to you with more details of how to carry out the peer-review process.

The group work is going to be one of the tasks in this course and participating in it is worth 30 points. We can’t really define specific criteria for individuals to measure their contribution, the group work will be evaluated as a whole. However, we expect active engagement during the next 5 weeks.

If you have questions, comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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