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Looking back at Task 2

Thank you very much for your contributions! We have a nice collection of different descriptions and a variety of schemes and visualisations presenting your study plans. However, I have to admit that very often these schemes demonstrated rather the outcome of the activity (creating your study plan for this semester) instead of the actual process itself (finding courses, (re-)scheduling your life due to your studies, coordinating and controlling your resources, using instruments to support the process etc.)
I believe they provide a quite rich basis to start comparing them (Task 4) and making an effort to generalise and synthesise the components and processes of these plans on a more abstract level (Task 5). The outcome of the Task 5 should be “a model”, “a framework”, which presents the main components or/and processes of an activity from your point of view… aspects you consider important for describing an activity.

But back to the Task 2.

Reading your posts I uncontrollably started to draw parallels to my studies. I realised that to be a student in a formal educational institution nowadays requires fundamentally different aspects to consider. When I was a student (approx. 15 years ago) it was unthinkable that while making my study plan I had to coordinate my resources and time between work and studies. Having lectures from 8 in the morning till late afternoon one couldn’t afford to go to work. Going through your descriptions, almost all of you have a job (very often full time) and one can imagine how much this simple activity such as creating a study plan is different these days in comparison to 10-15 years ago. At that time there was no serious need for (mediated) interactions, no need to coordinate with other activities, monitor or allocate one’s resources, no need to use extra instruments to make the actual planning happen, etc. Today, we have to look at this simple activity from an overall “life”-perspective including the wide range of activities that make up adult life, which reside outside of formal educational structures and not just one intentional activity. I found it very interesting to see the rationale behind your choice of courses and your criteria for course selection; your adjustment of priorities.

Considering the fact that we are living in the midst of digitization, only some of you pointed out some networked tools and services that were needed and used in order to support the activity. For instance, ASIO, ÕIS, e-mails, calendars, etc. can’t be avoided. They are forced upon you creating (inter)actions. On the other hand, it wasn’t also very visible from your descriptions and schemes self-created interactions that were needed in order to plan your studies. Despite of that, it was a nice exercise to be creative and come up with the description without any specific prior knowledge, based only on your own understanding and experiences. It is our conscious attempt to later compare and complement our current understanding, observations and conceptualisation with some other people’s work.

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