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Looking back at your personal Webpublishing

I had a look at your experiences with Webpublishing. Very impressive! Every year it is getting more impressive in terms of the variety of networked tools and services we use. I noticed, we have a very mixed group with different backgrounds and expertise. Super! Some of you seem to be very experienced, some of you less, which provides numerous ways to learn from each other and hopefully everybody can finally find something from this course. In comparison to previous years I got the impression that the participants are not only information consumers, but they have also started to produce more actively their own content and contribute to the Web (for instance Youtube, Wikiversity, designing WordPress themes, etc.). However, it was still rather visible that most of the tools and services are used for personal purpose and not that much for work, nevertheless, the trend is increasing.

I have created a cloud of networked tools and services (I used TagCrowd http://tagcrowd.com/), which were mentioned by you.

And below there is one cloud created 2 years ago (tools and services mentioned at least 3 times). You can compare yourself and see the differences.

I found a bunch of new tools and services I had not heard of before. I am curious to play with some of them. And you should follow Rando’s and some others initiative to take a look at other participants’ weblogs, give some feedback, ask questions, reflect. We are here to learn with and from each other.

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