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Task 3: Societal and cultural transformation engendered by digital and media technology

In addition to observing our own activities in the midst of technological development, let’s also ponder a bit about how digital and media technology influences our lives: how it communicates or conveys information; how it changes the activities and practices in which we engage to communicate, interact or share information; how it amplifies or reduces our capabilities; how it influences the social arrangements or organizational forms that develop around digital and media technology, and practices.

The ongoing societal and cultural transformation engendered by digital and media technology provides everybody with an opportunity to create qualitatively new patterns of activity, new or different forms of social relationships, interactions, practices and experiences, but also re-mediate older forms. Digital media and technologies open up more active modes of engagement with artefacts and other people.

Thus, according to Feenberg (2003): “When you choose to use technology you not simply render your existing way of life more efficient, you choose a different way of life”. Digital technology and media carries with it certain values, which challenges and contradicts traditional values. It does not only affect the way we act, but also our wider social norms and structures.

We have made a small selection of articles one might find useful as a source of inspiration for the task 3. Feel free to find some additional literature on your own. Reflect on your personal weblog on how (from your point of view) digital technology and media changes our ways of being and structures our activities. You might want to ponder if and how the particular configurations of artefacts, practices, and social arrangements associated with emerging digital and media technology differ from earlier times. You can base your reflection on your personal experiences and observations or take a more general view on how our activities are changing in the midst of digital technology and media development.

Harrison, T.M. & Barthel B. (2009). Wielding new media in Web 2.0: exploring the history of engagement with the collaborative construction of media products. New Media & Society 11(1&2).
The article talks about Web2.0, user generated content and more varied range of collaborative creative activities.

Hjarvard, S. (2008). The mediatization of society. Nordicom Review 29(2).
The article talks about the concept of mediatization as a phenomenon in our society.

Lüders, M. (2008). Conceptualising personal media. New media and society, 10(5), 683-702.
The article talks about the distinction between mass media and emerging personal media.

You’ll receive an e-mail on how to obtain the reading material.

The deadline for this task is: Sunday, 16th of September, 24.00 (Estonian time)

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