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Videoconference 1

Thank you for your votes. As you can see our Doodle voting system shows that the most suitable time for us is at 20.00 (Estonian time!), 5th of September. The meeting is booked for one hour, but of course it depends on us how talkative we are going to be.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • get to know each other
  • provide a quick overview of how we are going to work in this course, how the course is set up, its structure and what kind of networked tools and services we are planning to use
  • introduce assessment criteria and how to pass the course
  • discuss about your problems, concerns, questions

We are going to use a Flashmeeting tool for carrying out our videoconference. In order to participate you have to click on the link below and provide your name.


For participating, headsets and a microphone are required, but it is also recommended to use a webcam. You can also use a built-in microphone and simple earphones.

Just in case here are some steps if this Flashmeeting tool doesn’t seem very intuitive for you:

  1. Click on the link http://fm.ea-tel.eu/fm/3cf510-31112
  2. Click on “go to the meeting”
  3. Choose “enter meeting as a guest” and click on “continue”. In this page you can also test your equipment (camera, headsets, microphone). In order to do that click on “open test application” and follow the instructions.
  4. If you skip application testing just write down your name in the box, make a tick in the box “I agree to the terms” and click “enter”.

Flashmeeting allows to speak one person at a time. In order to say something you have to click on “start broadcasting” and after you have finished you should click on “stop broadcasting”. There is also an option for text-based chatting.

The meeting will be recorded and everybody can see the recording as soon as the meeting is over by clicking on the same link provided above. Thus, those who can’t attend can also watch the recording.

Looking forward to meet you all,

Terje & Sebastian

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