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Reflection on task 13

I had an enjoyable Sunday evening with your ideas of how to re-organise and re-instrumentalise a collection of activities. Seriously, a bunch of great ideas! Thus, I am going to make a list here of what was proposed with the links to the actual posts and you can read yourself about the most interesting one’s from your perspective (in case you haven’t done that yet).

Here it comes:
Aali – quick access to information

Argo – mind-blogger

Elise –  e-books; body positions

Ilja –  electronic timetables for public transportation

Jakob – a central electronic environment for university

Katrina – storyboarding

Katri – voice recording

Kersti – news application

Kerstin – workout to create energy in gyms

Kristo – e-learning courses

Maarja – art

Maibritt – TV

Marek – networked school

Mehrnoosh – avoid technology

Norbert – digital bus schedule

Rasa – online supermarkets, smart fridge

Raul – e-learning

Reimo – mobile means for addressing study material

Rene – parking, digital mail box, rolled-up kitchen pan

Taavi – music with google translator

Thea – home devices

Valeria – reading devices

I am sorry if I have accidentaly missed some names or misunderstood your ideas. I strongly recommend to have a look at these ideas and who knows maybe you even get ideas for your master thesis…

Thank you very much for these wonderful ideas! I think every single idea presented above is worth to seriously consider further and actually develop and implement them.

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