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Task 13: Redesigning and re-instrumentalising activities

“Computer mediation of human interaction will transform by radically altering – in fact, dissolving – many familiar contexts in which we act. A wider range of technologies support human interaction by increasing awareness of actions, possibilities of action, tools for and products of action, and context of activity” (Grudin, 2000). Now in the era of the ongoing digital development we as users can engage in designing and re-organising our own activities and interactions. The locus of control is moving from absolute control of a designer to the user. The meaning of the use of technology is repurposed and worked out again and again in each new setting.

And here comes the task. Think of one activity. It can be anything, from different fields, from your every day life, etc. How is it carried out now? Is it possible to redesign this activity to make its outcome more efficient, more reasonable? Is it possible to re-instrumentalise and re-organise it with the help of emerging digital technology?

Describe your activity and explain how would you redesign it, re-instrumentalise it and re-organised it to be more efficient, enjoyable, etc.

This task can be done in groups of 3 participants if preferred, but is not required. Individual contributions are welcomed as well.


Grudin, J. (2000). Digitally Mediated Interaction: Technology and the Urge System.
In G. Hatano, N. Okada & H. Tanabe (Eds.), Affective Minds, 159-167, 2000.

The deadline for task 13 is: Tuesday, December 14th, 24:00 (Estonian time).

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