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Task 9: exploring activity theory as a framework for describing activity systems

Although the deadline for the task 8 hasn’t passed yet, I am going to notify you of the next task in order to give you enough time to plan your other activities and studies. Due to that we have to have some tasks in parallel as one article every week doesn’t really represent the work load in this course.

Back to the task…

As mentioned earlier our next focus is going to be on activity theory and its potential for analysing, describing and representing activity systems. There are thousands of articles out there, which talk about activity theory from different perspectives, thus, it is not that easy to point out specific articles one should definitely read in order to get an understanding of the activity theory. So, the choice of the articles, books and other sources is yours, however, I can recommend some to have a look at.

Kuuti, K. (1995). Activity theory as a potential framework for human-computer interaction research. In. B. Nardi (Ed.), Context and Consciousness: Activity Theory and Human Computer Interaction. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Uden, L., Valderas, P. & Pastor, O. (2008). An activity-theory-based model to analyse Web application requirements. Information Research, 13(2).

Miettinen, R. (2006). Epistemology of transformative material activity: John Dewey’s pragmatism and cultural-historical activity theoryJournal for the Theory of Social Behavior 36(4), 389-408.

Blunden, A. (2007). Modernity, the individual, and the foundations of cultural–historical activity theory. Mind, culture and activity, 14(4), 253-265.

Engeström, Y. The future of activity theory: a rough draft.

Engeström, Y. & Miettinen, R. (1999). Perspectives on activity theory. Edinburgh: Cambridge University Press.

A list of publications on the University of Helsinki website (Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research).

Put out a post summarising your understanding of activity theory and its potential for describing activity systems.

The deadline for task 9 is: Thursday, November 18th, 24:00 (Estonian time).

Btw…I had made a mistake with the deadline for Task 8. It is Tuesday, November 16th!

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