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Task 6: Operationalising interactivity

While the first article has provided us the basic idea of what is meant by interaction and interactivity and their possible definitions in different disciplines, the author of the next article takes a bit different perspective and based on literature review tries to operationalise the concept “interactivity”. I also recommend to focus on the approach the author has taken as it might be useful for your master thesis. This is a pretty good example of how one can work with concepts.

So, we would like you to take a look at the article and put out a Weblog post summarizing its main message (300-500 words).

Kiousis, S. (2002) Interactivity: a concept explication. New Media & Society, SAGE Publications, Vol 4(3):355–383. Available at: http://rcirib.ir/articles/pdfs/cd1%5CIngenta_Sage_Articles_on_194_225_11_89/Ingenta866.pdf

Make sure that the title of your post starts with “Task 6″.

The deadline for task 6 is: Sunday, October 31st, 24:00 (Estonian time).

The purpose of these two articles is to get an idea of what is meant by interactivity, how and where the concept  “interactivity” is generally used.

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