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Task 2: self-observation and analysis of creating a study plan

Rückriem (2009) observes that digitalization has penetrated every societal process and every societal activity system by providing totally new and rather inexhaustible potentials to human practice. We are witnessing how the emerging digitalization is gradually changing what we perceive as a potential object of activity, or an artifact that can be turned into a helpful instrument. It is a co-evolutionary process, since human needs, imagination, and activity in turn will shape the further development of the leading medium and new human dispositions emerge.

Thus, we seem to be living through a transition phase individually and collectively, in which interactivity has become central to this change. For instance, the roles of actors are changing from consumers to producers as we have an opportunity not only to look for information, filter it, but also create and submit new content. Such a change has created opportunities for re(new)-instrumentalisation based on actor’s perceived affordances (potential for actions), which allow to design one’s own interactions and build own knowledge artifacts.

During the next following weeks we are going to explore how different human activities and their instrumentalisation have changed and explore ways of their representations.

First, we would like you to start with self-observation and mapping your own “activity” – creating my study plan for this semester (fall 2010). Finding suitable courses for this semester, making decisions about the courses, scheduling your courses with other activities in your life, coordinating and controlling your resources allows you to reconstruct a process around this activity. Think about of how would you describe this activity to the others in an understandable way, what are the important components of it, process sequencing, interactions, instruments, etc.  Visualize and map the overall structure of this activity and put out a Weblog post. The framework for mapping your activity is free and left to your imagination.

We have chosen this activity as a common one for all of us, which later on allows us to compare and analyze the differences of this activity, its various perceived interactions and used instrumentalisation.

The deadline for this task is:  Thursday, 7th of October, 24.00 (Estonian time)

Have fun! 🙂

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