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Overview of personal Webpublishing

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with and use of personal Webpublishing tools and services. We got a nice overview of the networked tools and services this group is using. It seems that most of you are rather experienced users with various Webpublishing tools and services, however, I got the impression that in some cases you are more likely information consumers than producing actively new content (for instance Youtube, Wikiversity). I have created a cloud of tools and services, which were mentioned by you more than 3 times.

Surprise, surprise 🙂 Facebook is the most popular networking site and I got the impression from your descriptions that it is mainly used for leisure purposes. And I noticed that quite many of you have replaced Orkut with Facebook and abandoned Orkut entirely. As the cloud shows, most of you have used Weblogs, either on Blogger, Blogspot or WordPress platform. Apparently IMKE courses have encouraged you to start using various networked tools and services either for collaboration or for individual purposes. It stuck in my eye that from 70-80 tools and services (I lost counting as Google already provides a bunch of different services, but the number is impressive) that were mentioned by you the majority of them is used for leisure activities, although I found some very specific tools and services (at least I hadn’t heard of), which obviously support one’s study and work. Well done!

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