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Task 1: completion of personal data and your experiences with Webpublishing

As a first task we would like you all to …

…first review and complete your personal information on our Wikiversity course page. Please make sure you have put a link to your Weblog that you intend to use for course work. If you use a particular category (or the course tag) to label content within your (general) Weblog then also put the URL of that particular category. This will make it easier to follow each others publishing flows. In addition, make sure that you indicate an email address were you can be reached during the run-time of this course. If you do not feel comfortable to put your email out on the Wikiversity page, then send an email to Terje instead.

Second, we would like to get an overview of your experiences with and use of personal Webpublishing  tools and services (Weblogs, Webfeeds, Wikis, participating in social networking activities, etc.). Put out a Weblog post (on your personal Weblog) describing the  kind of networked tools and services you are constantly using (or have tried out at least), the context (leisure, study, work) you are (mostly) using them in,  and on for what purposes you are making use of them. This information gives us all an overview of your current “presence” on the Web and helps us to understand your level of proficiency with Webpublishing and using a variety of instruments. Make sure that the title of your post starts with “Task 1”.

The deadline for this task is:  Thursday, 30th of September, 24.00 (Estonian time).

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